Who are we?

The Formative Action School offers unique, evidence-informed professional development in the area of formative action and feedback.  

In The Netherlands, we’ve gained a lot of experience in training teachers to implement formative action, and we’re ready to spread our expertise around the world.

About The Formative Action School

Since 2021 we offer professional development in The Netherlands for teachers and school leaders, under the name of  Toetsrevolutie.

Toetsrevolutie is a cooperative of business owners, and has no employees. It is our mission to help schools worldwide at improving their pedagogy, assessment and curriculum in a sustainable way.


We do this from the following vision:

  • We offer high quality professional development that is based on scientific research and practical knowledge, and aimed at relevant actors within the school or institution.
  • We share our knowledge, insights and experiences in such a way that schools or institutions are empowered to more independently improve their practice.
  • Through the professional development we offer we also learn how to best design and approach PD around a particular theme.
  • We share our knowledge, insights and experiences as freely and accessible as possible.
  • We aim for impact with a broad reach.

These pursuits can be recognized in every member of our team.

Our international team

Valentina Devid


René Kneyber


Blanca Wilde López


Hilly Drok


Lia Visser

Manager Online Learning Environment

Thijs Risselada