Formative Action: from Instrument to Design

By: Rene Kneyber, Dominique Sluijsmans, Valentina Devid, Blanca Wilde Lopez

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Many schools and educational programs are either currently engaged in or wish to implement formative practices. Whether it’s to motivate students, enhance their self-regulation, or find a better balance between education and assessment. However, educators are primarily looking for concrete ways to organize formative practices in everyday educational practice. How can formative action contribute to a successful learning process for the student, but also to a successful instructional process for the teacher?

In this book, the authors outline the implementation principles to which formative action must adhere to be of practical and substantive significance. They also explain how educators can use feedback more effectively and efficiently, and the essential role of the ‘forgotten strategy’ of instilling a shared sense of quality.

The core message of the book is that successful implementation of formative practices and feedback in lessons begins with a well-thought-out educational design. If a teacher has a clear understanding of the intended educational goals and the interrelation between these goals, it provides guidance on how formative practices can be optimally integrated into daily teaching methods.

This book is suitable for teachers, educators, leaders, and curriculum developers from primary to higher education.

The authors of this book are experts in formative action, feedback, and curriculum design and collaborate within The Formative Action School


  • Rene Kneyber

    René Kneyber is a former teacher of mathematics, and currently a trainer, advisor and board member of The Formative Action School He has written and translated more than fifteen books, including Flip the System: Changing Education from the Ground Up. From 2015 to 2022, he was a crown member of the Dutch Education Council.

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  • Dominique Sluijsmans

    Dominique Sluijsmans is onderwijskundige met een specialisatie op het gebied van toetsing. Ze schreef diverse succesvolle en invloedrijke boeken zoals Wijze Lessen en Toetsrevolutie.

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  • Valentina Devid

    Valentina Devid is a history and philosophy teacher. She is an experience expert in the field of formative action and a much sought-after keynote speaker on the subject. She Is one of the founders of The Formative Action School.

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  • Blanca Wilde Lopez

    Blanca Wilde López is a former Spanish and English teacher with over twenty years of experience in primary, secondary and vocational education. She has also worked coaching teachers and helping schools with implementation programmes. She is currently a trainer and consultant for The Formative Action School, and works as a school leader in secondary education.

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